An out-of-this-world illustrated middle grade adventure that will have young readers giggling across the galaxy!

You may be asking yourself, dear reader, how three naughty kids, one pet octopug and their handsome robot minder - that's me - accidentally got strapped inside a 400 megaton thermonuclear rocket on a one-way collision course to the moon? Good question!
Well, let me take you back to the beginning . . .

In 2120 the Moon has been transformed into the ultimate super-cool intergalactic amusement park. The Astronaughties, the children of some of the park's designers, get a chance to visit the Lunar Park before it officially opens. But when they arrive, they discover their parents are missing. Now their mission is to find them, defeat the baddies and free a trapped alien. Hold on tight, this is going to be one wild rocket ride!