Writer and columnist Benjamin Law revisits his joyous and much-loved family memoir, spilling the tea on his family's latest antics The book that inspired the major SBS television series! Meet the Law family - eccentric, endearing and hard to resist. Your guide is Benjamin, the third of five children and a born humourist. Join him as he tries to answer some puzzling questions. Why won't his Chinese dad wear made-in-China underpants? Why was most of his extended family deported in the 1980s? Will his childhood dreams of Home and Away stardom come to nothing? What are his chances of finding love? In this updated edition with a new chapter, Benjamin Law fills us in on his family's antics from the past decade.

Trade paperback (UK)  272pp  h208mm  x  w136mm  x s18mm  249g 

ISBN13: 9781760644833