A portrait of a leader in the making, and a nation on the move A prime minister in the making, and a nation on the move. In Lone Wolf, Katharine Murphy offers a new portrait of Anthony Albanese. She reveals a leader who has always had to think three steps ahead, who was an insurgent for much of his professional life, but had to learn to listen and devise "strategies of inclusivity" to win the 2022 election. Following that victory, Greens leader Adam Bandt voiced hopes for "a great era of progressive reform," but it is Albanese and Labor who will ultimately decide whether that potential is reached or not. Drawing on interviews with Albanese, Bandt, Penny Wong, Jim Chalmers, Mark Butler, Katy Gallagher, Simon Holmes Court, Zoe Daniel and more, Murphy's brilliant essay draws out the meaning of an eventful political year. She offers a telling character study of the prime minister, investigates the success of the teals and the Greens, and looks to the challenges of the future. "Taking the party leadership was both a beginning and an ending. Insurgency was done. New skills were required ... Albanese knew how to recruit people to a cause and to get them to a similar place. He'd been doing that since his teens. But to win, he had to learn to listen, to trust his team and to lead, understanding that sometimes leadership involves holding back rather than imagining it's all on you." Katharine Murphy, Lone Wolf