A love story unfolds. Under a lemon tree, two teenage boys meet in the light of a full moon. Neddy, a wannabe warrior from the Mountain Mob, and Ty, a storyteller from the River Mob, are tasked with exchanging information about the strangers who have landed on their shores. Starting out defensively, full of teenage bravado, their uneasy friendship grows into tender love; they're young men on the brink of an adulthood that promises all love has to offer. But trailing their every move is an army of invaders, bringing with them cultural shifts, moral judgement and deadly disease. When history comes knocking, love is tested to its limits. Whitefella Yella Tree by Dylan Van Den Berg is a stunning exploration of young, queer love and Country in the midst of invasion, told with a fierce poetic vision and razor-sharp wit.

Paperback / softback  82pp  h210mm  x  w137mm  x s4mm 

ISBN13: 9781760628475