1943. World War II is raging across Europe and on the Pacific front. Kit Sutherland is hiding a huge secret when she is unexpectedly recruited to work as a young codebreaker at Arlington Hall, a US Signals Intelligence facility.

When Kit's roommate doesn't return home from a dance, it sparks a search that ends in a gruesome discovery. And soon it turns into a horrifying pattern: Government girls are being murdered in Washington, DC.

Kit joins forces with three other girl codebreakers, Dottie, Moya and Violet, and as they work to crack the killer's code, two things become terrifyingly clear: the murderer they're hunting is getting closer every moment ... and Kit's own secret could put her in more jeopardy than she ever imagined.

Review: 'Everything I want from a thriller - shocking twists, gory reveals, and an unforgettable squad of brave, brilliant, angry girls. Marney writes a bloody good book.' Lili Wilkinson

'Atmospheric and compulsively readable, The Killing Code plunges us into a familiar wartime world, but it puts young women firmly (and refreshingly) into the spotlight. Come for the page-turning murder mystery, stay for the bonds between these whip-smart codebreakers. I defy you not to fall in love with these fierce, glamorous girls.' Kate J. Armstrong