How to Age Against the Machine is a joyous, information-packed ride through ageing as a woman, in all its complexity and diversity. Melissa Doyle and Naima Brown, co-hosts of the popular Age Against the Machine podcast, ask all the right questions on thorny topics such as menopause, relationships, work, money, health and sex - with answers that inspire us to age with meaning and purpose.

As we age, some of us might feel freer than ever, with the kids out of the home and more time to ourselves; for others, it can be a stressful time of invisibility and vulnerability. No two women will age in the same way, but there's been precious little in the way of guidance for this part of our lives - until now.

How to Age Against the Machine shares the wisdom of experts as well as real stories from women from all walks of life, normalising ageing and handing us a toolkit for these challenging yet transformative years. What are our own ageing superpowers? How can we tap into and celebrate our value and relevance to make the second part of our lives safe, healthy, connected and fulfilled? Melissa and Naima are your perfect guides for the ageing revolution!