In a world that is so often challenging, with events that cause us all to wonder what is going on, Tim Costello takes us on a journey through the notion of faith and how we all need to believe in something greater than ourselves, no matter what religious background we are from. In this thoughtful and provocative book Tim explores some of the world's most challenging issues, including refugees, corruption, war, intolerance, poverty, inequality and global warming. He meditates on what is going wrong and points out how we so often lose sight of our shared humanity. In Faith Tim Costello takes us all to task on the big issues facing our world. Challenging and thought provoking no matter what the status of your faith, this is a book to savour and re-read. On Tim Costello: -"Tim Costello's currency is stories." Greg Bearup, The Australian -"Tim has an extraordinary moral compass and sense of how the world needs to change." Paul Ronalds, CEO, Save the Children -"He just lives it [his faith]" Nick XenophonReader's online reviews from Amazon for Tim's previous book, Hope: -"Thoughtful, fascinating, broad-ranging read." -"Made me stop and self reflect."

ISBN: 9781743791929
Author: Costello, Tim
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272