The 10 essentials of business success that you need to know Have you ever wondered what makes one person succeed and another fail? Why some people with every disadvantage come out on top when those with a leg up in life never make anything of themselves? Maha Sinnathamby has never accepted anything less than the best from himself, something made resoundingly clear when he built Australia's largest privately owned, master-planned community--Springfield. Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached is the story of his success, not just his property developments and business deals, but what you can do to follow in his footsteps. Showing you exactly what you can achieve when you refuse to give up on your dreams, this is a book about the value of courage and commitment no matter what. Unpacking the ten principles for fearless success that Maha has used throughout his remarkable career, Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached uses Maha's own story as a framework for showing these ideas in action. * Explains the 10 steps to success that you can put to immediate use * Draws on the example of Maha Sinnathamby, as well as other exceptional individuals, to show these steps in action * Shows you why commitment is the key to getting where you want to be Inspirational and easy to act on, Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached is part biography, part how-to guide, packaged together to give you the tools you need to succeed.