Sacre bleu! Get ready to say oui oui to adventure with the word travelers, as they head to France in this action-packed mystery from #1 New York Times bestseller Raj Haldar! Are you ready for adventure? The third book in a new action-packed series from bestselling author Raj Haldar follows two best friends as they race to different parts of the world to solve mysteries and uncover lost treasures! They've signed the permission slips, the bus has finally arrived, and everyone has their imaginary imagination caps...but this year they'll also magically travel to France and find themselves at a famous modern art museum in Paris, the Pompidou Center to discover that an art thief has returned! This action-packed mystery story is perfect for anyone looking for- A wild adventure around the world that middle school kids will love! A story of two best friends solving mysteries with magic! Cool, new knowledge tucked inside an epic chapter book! A journey to Paris to learn the French roots of the English language Magically travel around the world along with two best friends who decipher clues and uncover mysterious secrets. Can you help them find the golden key?

Paperback / softback  (Text (eye-readable))  168pp  h191mm  x  w127mm 

ISBN13: 9781728271088