Find comfort and romance in the quirky gardening town of Summertown in this new series by USA Today bestselling author A. J. Pine "A fabulous storyteller who will keep you turning pages and wishing for just one more chapter at the end."-Carolyn Brown, New York Times bestselling author A small town is the perfect place to find love-but first there's work to do... When a tornado tears through her hometown of Summertown, Illinois, wreaking havoc on the people she loves, social media manager Emma Woods has no choice but to head back home from her life in the big city to help rebuild. She's determined to use her social media savvy to put Summertown back on the map in time for the annual Garden Fest with rival town Middlebrook. Summertown really needs that prize money now. And if she can only avoid Matteo Rourke-the reason she left Summertown in the first place-all the better. Matteo can't help what happened that broke up his and Emma's relationship years ago. All he can do now that she's back in town is avoid her, but of course everywhere he goes, Emma is there...

Paperback / softback  (Text (eye-readable))  384pp  h178mm  x  w121mm 

ISBN13: 9781728253848