A gorgeously complicated (and sexy) story about the many facets of the LGBT community from the USA Today bestselling author of Boyfriend Material. From the acclaimed author of BOYFRIEND MATERIAL comes a deeply moving romance about losing the life you always thought would be yours...and finding something beautiful in the wreckage of the past. Quietly heartbroken, Edwin Tully lives alone in the house he used to share with the man he once loved. He tends to damaged books and faded memories, trying to build a future from the fragments of the past. Then the weather turns, and the river spills into Edwin's quiet world, bringing with it Adam Dacre from the Environment Agency. An unlikely knight, this stranger with roughened hands and worn wellingtons offers Edwin the hope of something he thought he would never have again. As the two men are drawn together in their struggle against the rising waters, Edwin slowly lets down his guard as he comes to accept he can't shield his heart from everything-and perhaps he doesn't even need to try. Because love doesn't only leave scars...sometimes, it heals them, too.

Paperback / softback  (Text (eye-readable))  384pp  h210mm  x  w140mm  x s28mm  320g 

ISBN13: 9781728251356