The perfect gift for Grandma, this interactive recipe journal is designed to capture and share grandmother's favorite recipes and mealtime memories, from the days of her own childhood through the precious moments she spends with her grandchild.

Beautifully designed with charming illustrations, this guided recipe journal is a perfect gift for today's grandmother, a wonderful keepsake book that she will want to share with each of her grandchildren. Offering plenty of space for grandmother to divulge her favorite recipes and handiest tips, each page includes thoughtful prompts to inspire any grandmother to share a living record of her culinary experiences and her favorite memories of special dinners and family mealtime moments. With dedicated lines for yield, ingredients, and method, plus ample space for additional notes, the journal provides ample opportunity to build a recipe book tailored to individual palate, diet, and cooking style and interests.

A FAMILY KEEPSAKE: Made to be filled with recipes, kitchen tips, and grandma's favorite culinary memories, this book and its entries are meant to be shared with children and grandchildren

LARGE FORMAT: The full-size format for this journal affords the writer plenty of space to take their time and thoughtfully write in their ideas and perspectives

ORGANIZED LAYOUT: Dedicated spaces for recipe title, serving line, ingredients, steps, and extra notes make it easy to record at-a-glance recipes

THOUGHTFUL PROMPTS: Interspersed throughout are thoughtful prompts for grandma to recount her best mealtime memories, go-to recipe hacks, and favorite dishes from childhood onward.

Other printed item  96pp  h279mm  x  w229mm  Colour 

ISBN13: 9781681888279