In this joyous picture book exploration of gender euphoria, celebrated Queer Kid Stuff and The Rainbow Parenting podcast host Lindz Amer teaches kids about all the ways pronouns can be joyful, defining, and empowering.

Everyone has a pronoun. There are hes. There are shes. There are theys. There are zes and hirs and faes and pers and more! What's yours?

Finding the right pronoun for you feels like a warm hug and helps you be your most wonderful self. This gentle and whimsical guide to pronoun language encourages self-discovery and celebrates the gender euphoria of feeling like you!

Illustrated by Kip Alizeadeh

Hardback  32pp  h254mm  x  w254mm  x s13mm  483g  f-c digital coated (spfx: holo foil + emboss) 

ISBN13: 9781665931144