The Ultimate Collection of Cute Doodles for Planners, Journals, Lettering & More Have a blast while you learn to draw tons of sweet and whimsical objects with this all-in-one guide. Meet your doodle coach, Amy Latta-a bestselling lettering author and workshop instructor who is beloved for her practical, encouraging, "anyone can do it" approach to teaching art. With this workbook, learn how to personalize handmade cards, amp up your favorite notebook or simply unwind with some mindful drawing, either on your own paper or right onto the book's sketch-friendly pages. Blank practice spaces are provided throughout so you can doodle as you go! The best part of these charming designs is that they are within reach of beginner artists, including kids. Amy's friendly encouragement and straightforward instructions break down each drawing into simple shapes, so doodlers of all ages and talents can let their creativity flow! Ink and color hundreds of everyday objects, covering a wide range of popular topics: . All kinds of cute animals from the woods, park, sea, farm and zoo . Beautiful botanicals including leafy vines, rosebuds, tulips and lavender . Seasonal fun from springtime gardening tools and summer beach trips to cozy autumn vibes and wintry snow days . Every holiday doodle you could dream of from Halloween ghosts and birthday banners to Christmas trees and New Year's confetti poppers Inspiration awaits you on every page-all you need is a pencil and eraser, and you can join the fun of doodling everything!