Shake up the party with these fun, festive, and colorful alcohol-free beverages!

Entertaining for all ages? Party Drinks has over 60 delicious recipes catered to special occasions, holidays, and seasons, completely alcohol free. Instead of setting a plain red punch bowl on the table, treat your guests with these sweet and flavorful drinks. This recipe book features simple and inexpensive varieties of puncheslemonadesiced teasfloats, and more. You'll also get to try the drinks that originated in major soda-shop chains in America which become the TikTok craze dirty soda- a cold beverage combining soda, cream, sometimes fruit, and flavored syrup-right in your home.
Some of the delightful concoctions include:
Cupids Crush Punch: a lovable combination of strawberry soda, orange soda, lime soda, and vanilla ice cream
Maple Lemonade: a yummy mix of lemon juice and maple syrup
Fauxjito: your favorite drink spotlighting the flavors of mint and lime, sans alcohol
Breakfast Soda: a delicious creation featuring coffee ice cubes, cream soda, cold brew, and maple syrup

These recipes will have your tongue turning red, blue, and green while your taste buds explode.

Hardback  Paper over boards  176pp  h208mm  x  w166mm  544g  100 color photos 

ISBN13: 9781631069512