Ready to have your heartstrings tugged? Look no further than Adorable Hedgehogs 2021, featuring 13 images of the sweetest little hedgehogs around! Hedgehogs are the new darlings of the Internet and social media pet circles and, while these little guys might look prickly, they're actually kindhearted sweeties who just want to be loved. With a handy page that shows the months of September, October, November, and December 2020, followed by individual pages for the months of 2021, this wall calendar features full-colour photos of these "quill kids" as they party, pig out, poke around, and have the time of their hedgie little lives! The perfect gift for the animal lover in your life, Adorable Hedgehogs 2021 will have you smiling all year long.

ISBN: 9781631067006
Author: Unnamed
Format: Gift Item
Pages: 24
Dimension: 305mm X 305mm