From the talented authors of the hit "How to "monster series, this encyclopedia is an inventive, funny, and offbeat way to get to know all the monsters, giving kids the tools they need to conquer their fears through familiarity. (And if that does not work, they can always beat the monsters with the book itself.)" In this whimsical follow-up to "How to Mash Monsters, My Mega Monsterpedia "helps kids to identify and banish even the craftiest of creatures and have fun while doing it! Learn all about monsters, from A to Z. Monsters have always lurked in the imaginations of children. Whether it s the horrible Orrific hiding under the bed or the annoying Kalamateeth causing toothaches, some kids do not know where to turn! Fortunately, this handy primer identifies all the monsters and everyday villains from A to Z. Each monster has an entry that includes a description, common habits, and above all, weaknesses and ways to get rid of it!

ISBN: 9781608877096
Author: Garrigue, Roland
Publication date: 01/09/2016
Format: Hardback
Dimension: 229mm X 178mm