With Favorite Pets (I Can Draw), young artists can use basic shapes and easy-to-follow, step-by-step projects to draw 15 of their favorite animals. Dogs, cats, and birds are just some of the pets included in this book. With 15 fun drawing projects, Favorite Pets (I Can Draw) is a collection of some of kids' most loved animals. All of the drawings are created with simple shapes that are easy for young artists to make, and the cute, simple illustrations are appealing and approachable to young ones. The book begins with an introduction to drawing materials and instructions on how to use the book, and then it jumps right into the drawing projects. For a pet bunny:

- Kids start with a square, add a line, a curved line, and some more straight and curved lines. They are encouraged to keep following along with each step.
- As they make their way through the multiple steps, all the new pencil marks to make are shown in red so it's easy to know what to draw next.
- Once they near the end of the project, these young artists will start to see a drawing of a bunny rabbit appear on their paper, and now all that's needed is to add color.