Organize your ancestry research while creating a beautiful keepsake to pass on to future generations with Our Family Tree. Calling all family history buffs and professional genealogists. Whether you're a beginner, just starting your journey, or a professional who's run out of space, this beautiful volume gives you a physical place to record your results alongside fun facts and tips and tricks for the most successful and customized family tree. This charming guide to your ancestry includes: A research checklist Worksheets Roads Our Family Traveled Explore Your Genes Family Origins Learn where your family comes from! Find your way through your family history from African, European, and Native American descent. With Our Family Tree, youll be the most knowledgeable of your whole family on where you come from! No matter how thorny your family tree may be, discovering your ancestry can connect you to an essential part of your identity. Get this easy-to-use, beautifully illustrated keepsake to remember your family history and try your hand at genealogy.

Hardback  Paper over boards  160pp  h276mm  x  w216mm  454g  100+ color illustrations 

ISBN13: 9781577153733