Explore the medieval world through its art with this hilarious guide to the medieval world that will have you laughing out loud. Live, laugh love and die in the Middle Ages with Weird Medieval Guys! Explore what your medieval life would have been through a choose-your-own-adventure full of quizzes, how-to guides, diagrams and flow charts that takes you from your birth to your gruesome end, revealing your patron saint, the fate of your love life and the trials and tribulations you faced along the way. Then, discover everything you need to know to survive the natural world, from stripping naked to survive a wolf attack, decoding the signficance of birds visiting your sickbed and brewing love potions all while learning about warring rabbits, deadly dragons and saintly hounds - all illustrated with the very best ancient drawings of beasts, birds, fishes and serpents from all four corners of God's creation, drawn by people who definitely saw these creatures with their very own eyes and lived to tell the tale. Chock full of hilarious, mad and bad advice for surviving and thriving on the mortal plane, this complete guide to life in the dark ages is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Hardback  (Text (eye-readable))  208pp  h197mm  x  w146mm  x s24mm  506g 

ISBN13: 9781529908305