A revolutionary guide to identifying self-loss and discovering the freedom that comes from taking responsibility for how we live.

So many of us feel lonely, unfulfilled, or trapped-in our roles and relationships, in cycles of self-sabotage and wrong decisions. According to Sara Kuburic, it doesn't have to be so difficult.

The answer lies in taking responsibility for the choices and actions that create our reality. It's about slowing down, cutting through demands and expectations, and taking ownership of this person we call our "Self."

In It's On Me, Kuburic unpacks "self-loss," giving us new vocabulary and offering tools she's used for years to help her clients recover. Self-loss becomes apparent when we feel the pain and emptiness from performing or observing life, rather than living it. Guiding us through self-reflection, acceptance, and discovery, Kuburic proves that we can:

  • experience but not feel overpowered by our emotions
  • establish a healthy connection to our bodies
  • set loving boundaries to define ourselves and heal our relationships
  • declutter our physical and mental environments to create space for our true selves to thrive
  • find meaning and purpose in a seemingly meaningless world

Eye-opening and inspiring, It's On Me will teach you how to stop sleepwalking our way through the life you don't want and step into your most vibrant, authentic, and meaningful Self.

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