Vegan or carnivore? Vegetarian or gluten-free? Keto or Mediterranean? Fasting or Paleo?

Our relationship to food is filled with confusion and insecurity. Every day we hear about a new ingredient that is good or bad, a new diet that promises everything. But the truth is that none of those labels matter. The secret to becoming healthier, losing weight, living a pain-free and energetic life and healing the planet has nothing to do with counting calories, reducing portion sizes or feeling deprived - the key is re-learning how to eat like a human.

This means finding food that is as nutrient-dense as possible, and preparing that food using methods that release those nutrients and make them safe and bioavailable to our bodies, which is exactly what allowed our ancestors, millions of years ago, to not only live but thrive. Archaeologist and primitive technologist Dr Bill Schindler draws on cutting-edge science and a lifetime of research to show readers how to live like modern 'hunter-gatherers' by using the same strategies our ancestors used - as well as techniques still practiced by many cultures around the world - to make food as safe, nutritious, bioavailable and delicious as possible.

With each chapter dedicated to a specific food group, in-depth explanations of different foods and cooking techniques and concrete takeaways, as well as 75+ recipes, Eat Like a Human will permanently change the way you think about food, and help you live a happier, healthier, and more connected life.