A stunning collection of 100+ heart-warming recipes that also happen to be packed with things that are good for you The perception that the food we love can't also be good for us is swept away by this stunning collection of delicious, heart-warming recipes that also happen to be packed with good things that help keep us healthy. And Good Comfort is in every way generous, as Hugh makes our favourite foods healthier not by taking stuff out of them, but by putting more in: the best whole ingredients, celebrated in all their colourful and seasonal diversity. We can relish a hearty winter stew that is deeply beefy, but also heaving with healthy veg. We can tuck into a pie knowing that the pastry is awesome and the filling wholesome. Much maligned greens come out to play in moreish gratins and leafy curries. And we can put tea time treats on the table knowing they will bring our family and friends - and kids in particular - goodness as well as happiness. Indulge your taste buds and boost your health at the same time with these delicious new recipes, including: - Multigrainola - Spicy squash and lentil soup - Chick-chouka - Squeak and bubble - Oaty dunking cookies Ultimately, Hugh leads us on a journey to tweak our taste buds and pamper our palates so that we can take as much pleasure - and ultimately more - from dishes that we know will do us good.