A hilarious fill-in activity book that encourages you to unleash your inner rage, scribble down your deepest annoyances, and creatively detail every person who has ever done you wrong. The Little Book of Bad Moods is an irreverent adult activity book that lets you unleash all your pent-up anger and say the things that you can't say out loud. Especially during the New Year, when it's cold and dark and you're supposed to give up drinking, eating or doing anything you really enjoy. Fun and easy fill-in activities for all those minor, daily annoyances include: - What's Wrong With My Life? And whose fault is it? - Retrospective Comebacks. The things you should have said at the time. - Had a Bad Week. Please, vent. Funny, outrageous and shockingly cathartic, this is a bad little book that actively encourages you to have a really good moan. Put pen to paper and embrace your inner git (just remember to hide your copy from anyone you happen to care about).

ISBN: 9781526609892
Author: Sonninen, Lotta
Publication date: 01/12/2018
Format: Paperback
Pages: 112
Dimension: 182mm X 128mm