"Miss, do you really think we can all help? Even me?" - Tammy, 8 years old.

Growing up, there is so much out of our control, so much we can feel helpless about, and so many terrible things we have to watch grown-ups doing to our world. But when it comes to understanding and righting wrongs - it's always children who get it first.

In this inspiring and practical handbook, bestselling children's author and Human Rights campaigner, Onjali Rauf, draws on her experiences working with women's rights organisations and refugee charities. She introduces readers to some of the most amazing people we can be inspired by (some who are from fictional worlds and some who are very real!). And she tells readers 10 of her top secrets for channelling your frustrations into something positive, developing your empathy toolkit and making the world a better place. From remembering that we are all human beings and that we are all equal, to realising your worth and that nothing is ever done alone, this is Onjali's rallying call to every child that has ever felt hopeless.

Because with a bit of compassion, a big dollop of hope and even the smallest act of kindness, change will come and together we can make things better. Hope is on the horizon; you just have to find it.