Discover real-life stories of treasures lost, stolen and found where YOU become the treasure hunter!
Discover a message in a bottle that appears to be from the ghost of Captain William Kidd - the infamous pirate and now, it would seem, thief! Follow a breadcrumb trail of intriguing clues left by the treasure-hungry thief as he travels the world attempting to steal great historic artefacts, paintings, gold and more. The Treasure Hunt takes you on an epic adventure, where you will find out how to decipher tricky codes and uncover heart-stopping accounts of how famous treasures were lost, found or stolen!
Crack the codes to turn the page and travel from country to country. But be warned - some treasures may never be found ...

Hardback  (Text (eye-readable))  64pp  h319mm  x  w248mm  41g 

ISBN13: 9781526364388