An colourfully illustrated encyclopedia of fart facts, jokes, riddles, and more!

With humorous entries that include types of farts, food items that cause gas, what farts are called in different countries, jokes and riddles, sidebars, science, rules, advice, how to's, and more, this book is the gassiest gift for the fart fan in any family. It contains a mishmash of information, perfect for bathroom reading and rippin' jokes with your pals.

Entries include:

Dog, the: Who you blame when you pass gas at the dinner table.

How to save a fart for later.

  1. Fart in a glass Mason jar.
  2. Quickly put the lid on and screw it tightly.
  3. Have a friend open it later.
  4. Once you've done this, send us a note telling us whether or not it worked.

'Hoof Hearted Ice Melted:'

Say it out loud five times. You'll get it.

Pull my finger: What someone says to a friend when they have a fart locked and loaded. Once the friend pulls the finger, the fart is unleashed. Great trick that only works once.

Silent but deadly (SBD): A fart that comes out with barely a whisper but then knocks everyone out with its noxious stench.