Full of incredible canine capers, tales of doggy derring-do, and plenty of puppy facts, this dog-o-pedia is essential reading for dog lovers everywhere!

You'll learn tantalizing trivia and tidbits about all sorts of dogs, breeds, characters, and more! Find out the answers to these questions:

  • Who are the most famous dog trainers in Hollywood, having trained Lassie, Toto, and Old Yeller, among many others?
  • What is the name of Yale's bulldog mascot?
  • Where does the proverb, "The best thing about a man is his dog," come from?
  • When did Laika (or Muttnik as she was known in the U.S.) become the first dog to be shot into orbit?
  • Why did Drew Barrymore deed her house to her Labrador Flossie?
  • How do dogs detect cancer in humans?