Hidden in Plain Sight is the second brilliant and captivating novel featuring William Warwick by the master storyteller and bestselling author of the Clifton Chronicles, Jeffrey Archer. Do you want the good news or the bad? William Warwick has been promoted to Detective Sergeant but his promotion has meant reassignment, along with the rest of his team, to the Drugs Squad in Southwark, where they are immediately tasked with apprehending a drug dealer known as 'Viper' who is operating a drugs factory out of South London. Daunted by the task facing him and his team, Warwick catches a lucky break when he sees a known street-level dealer, who he recognizes from his school days. With the threat of prison looming Warwick convinces the dealer to turn informer and so begins the operation to capture 'Viper' and stop the production of huge quantities of drugs that are flooding London's streets. Meanwhile, the wicked Miles Faulkner, in the midst of being divorced by his wife Christina, makes a mistake that could see him put behind bars . . . With Jeffrey Archer's trademark twists and turns Hidden in Plain Sight is the extraordinary sequel to Nothing Ventured, the first novel featuring William Warwick.