As the wellness world is going nuts for guts, naturopath and herb nerd Reece Carter offers traditional holistic remedies you can make at home as well as 'food as medicine' recipes to help treat a range of everyday gut ailments. The discovery that the gut and brain are not distinct and separate entities but closely connected is life-changing for everyone. Now, it is impossible to ignore the importance of gut health to chronic health complaints. As we discover strong links between bloating and brain fog, diarrhoea, depression, aches and anxiety, it seems clearer than ever that we need to support our guts with the utmost care. In this vibrant book, naturopath, Garden Apothecary guru and Herb Nerd Reece Carter offers gentle traditional remedies born of the naturopathic tradition that you can make at home, as well as the most effective, easy and delicious 'food as medicine' recipes to help you feel better. The Happy Gut contains remedies and recipes to: * Enhance digestion; * Naturally manage indigestion, IBS and inflammation; * Nurture happy, healthy gut bacteria; and * Lift mood. Reece also discusses how to achieve optimal health the naturopathic way, what you should grow in your garden and he also takes us on a tour of the materia medica: the wonderful world of medicinal herbs.

ISBN: 9781489254689
Author: Carter, Reece
Publication date: 23/04/2018
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Dimension: 255mm X 180mm