Managing life, relationships and mental health on any social media platform.
Empower your kids to stay safe online with this fun, comprehensive guide for kids aged 10+. Packed with entertaining illustrations alongside practical information, the Social Media Survival Guide answers questions about all aspects of social media - the good AND the bad - making it a must-have tool for young people (and parents) to help navigate the online world safely and confidently and learn the best approaches to taking care of themselves. Content includes:- In-depth coverage of a range of important a difficult issues young people face including: body image, appearance-enhancing filters, influencers, sexual content and mental health- Uses recognisable themes rather than platform specifics, includes links to professionally approved websites with more advice and support- expert advice from children's online charity, Childnet International, making the content relevant long-term- Tips on how to set up accounts safely and best manage privacy and messaging settings- Addressing your persona, online reputation, and relationships- Understanding fake news and information- How to handle online bullying, as well as avoiding trolls.