Britain and China share a rich, complex history. From the dramatic events of the First Opium War to the modern-day implications of the handover of Hong Kong, The Lion and the Dragon delves into the turbulent relationship between these two global powers.


Charting the rise and fall of the British empire alongside the growth of China's powers, acclaimed historian Lawrence James unravels the intricate threads of British colonialism, China's struggle for sovereignty, and the impact of global events on their complex interplay. He follows the parallel trajectories of four competitive empires - the British, the Chinese, the Russian and the Japanese - during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and then the fortunes of a fifth imperial power, the United States. In doing so, he paints a vivid picture of the interactions, alliances and conflicts between the two nations over almost two centuries, from imperial ambitions and cultural clashes to economic interests and political manoeuvrings.


Deeply researched and compellingly told, The Lion and the Dragon is an exploration of the tumultuous history between two powerful nations, providing crucial insights into a relationship that continues to shape the world today.

Paperback 256pp  h232mm  x  w152mm  x s24mm  320g 

ISBN13: 9781474610193