This latest selection sees him at his most perceptive, brilliant and funny. His subjects range from the controversial - fur - to the heartfelt - a fantastic crystallisation of what it means to be European. He tackles life drawing, designs his own tweed and spends a day at Donald Trump's university. His award-winningly acerbic review of Morrissey's autobiography sits alongside the insight he brings to the work of Rudyard Kipling, Don McCullin and P. G. Wodehouse. And he turns that insight on himself in the terrific article 'Life at Sixty'. There are pieces from all corners of the world: from the tragic and terrifying Triangle of Death in the Congo to the dangers of the Mexican migrant journey. He has adventures with porcupine pluckers in Botswana and returns to his roots in Scotland. He forages for bush tucker in Australia and for high culture in Ravenna. He reports from the roof of the world in Bhutan, and the rather more earthbound drunk tanks of Humberside. A recurring theme emerges in the overwhelming story of our times: the refugee crisis. Desperately trying to reach Europe, visited the Calais Jungle as well as Syrian refugees in the Lebanon, and met the migrants on the vast and hazardous travel from Kos through the Balkans. He meets the stateless - the Muslim Rohingyas exiled from Burma; and the homeless in a moving and humane account of a shelter in central London. The resulting articles are journalism at its finest and fiercest.

ISBN: 9781474605168
Author: Gill, Adrian
Publication date: 14/02/2017
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Dimension: 233mm X 156mm