Australia's bestselling anxiety and mental health expert, Bev Aisbett, tackles a growing Australian mental health emergency: burnout.

Burnout happens when we take on too much, when we think we can do the impossible, at the cost of our wellbeing, our health and even our quality of life. Although the term is often casually tossed about, burnout is no joke - it can impact every area of your life and leave you depleted in every way. And after two years of pandemic and lockdowns, working from home, homeschooling, stress, being on our computers and devices 24/7 and constantly available, the danger of burnout for so many of us is all too real. It can happen to anyone.

Bev Aisbett, Australia's bestselling anxiety and self-help author, is our trusted guide to help us find a pathway through the danger of burnout. She uses humour, simple and straightforward language, and her signature illustrations to clearly explain what burnout is, who is at risk, how to recognise the danger signs, and, finally, how to step back from the brink, providing reassurance, insight, clarity and techniques to ease burnout.

So from low-level burnout to the full-blown version - and what to do about it - welcome to The Book of Burnout!