Part memoir, part investigation into the taboo topic of male child sexual abuse, You Made Me This Way is a very personal book, driven by Shannon revealing his own experience of having been sexually abused as a young child, and his grappling to understand how this has shaped him.

The majority of men sexually abused as children never speak about their past and hide their shame and trauma away, forever carrying an enormous burden on their own, often with terrible consequences. Shannon interviews survivors, learning about their hard-won insights, as well as experts, researchers, and therapists, making this book a vitally important step in encouraging conversation about what we must do to better support these men and the systematic changes needed in order to better protect children in the future.

Raw, honest, deeply important and inspiring in its courage, this book shines a light on this darkness in our society - and the challenge to all of us is not to look away.

'Part memoir, part exploratory research project, Molloy's second book is an urgent and genre-defying feat of storytelling.' Books+Publishing

'It's difficult to overstate the importance of You Made Me This Way, or the courage of the man who wrote it. Male child sexual abuse is not often explored in such depth - or with such candour. It is a taboo and tricky subject which Molloy tackles with grace and vulnerability, sharing his own experience, and talking with other survivors who have entrusted him with their stories. They are in good hands with Molloy, who understands their feelings of shame, anger and confusion. I cried several times reading this book, and so has everyone else I know who has read it. I cried for the little boys these men once were, their innocence taken, trust broken and voices silenced. Molloy's beautifully written book gives them a safe space to be heard.' Courier Mail.