Trying to be perfect can get in the way of healthy changes you're trying to make. Learn how focusing on progress, not perfection, can put you on a path to success.
It's easy to get wrapped up or lost while trying to achieve a goal, no matter what it is-always thinking about the finish line without appreciating the journey there. The steps you take along the way may be challenging, but if you take pride in each step you take, then the progress itself becomes as good as, if not better than, the goal. This timely 366-day journal includes simple prompts to help you learn to take it day by day; set realistic goals; identify constructive actions; and reframe past mistakes as progress. At the end of each week, take stock by tracking your thoughts. Inspirational quotes are interspersed throughout a cool two-color design.

Paperback / softback  Flexible plastic/vinyl cover  272pp  h190mm  x  w127mm  all in 2-color 

ISBN13: 9781454944720