Every year, over 6,000 letters arrive in Verona, Italy, from around the world, all addressed to Shakespeare's heroine Juliet. These letters seek guidance and advice about love and heartache from Juliet herself. Gathered by a group of female volunteers, collectively known as the Juliet Club, "Juliet's Secretaries," collect and respond to every letter. Featuring 60 of these handwritten letters and responses, the letters in Dear Juliet capture the pain, joy, and confusion of love. Enclosed in a delicate and beautiful package, these letters provide encouragement, support, comfort, and delight to all readers. Each anonymous letter is printed in its original format to highlight the letters' unique characteristics. And although love may be the universal language, all non-English letters feature a side-by-side translation. Presented in a luxe and romantic package, the book also comes with a postcard-size card for readers to fill in and send their own love note.

ISBN: 9781452170565
Author: The Juliet Club
Publication date: 01/08/2019
Format: Hardback
Pages: 160
Dimension: 203mm X 152mm