The New York Times bestseller The stories in A Manual for Cleaning Women make for one of the most remarkable unsung collections in twentieth-century American fiction. With extraordinary honesty and magnetism, Lucia Berlin invites us into her rich, itinerant life: the drink and the mess and the pain and the beauty and the moments of surprise and of grace. Her voice is uniquely witty, anarchic and compassionate. Celebrated for many years by those in the know, she is about to become - a decade after her death - the writer everyone is talking about. The collection will be introduced by Lydia Davis. "With Lucia Berlin we are very far away from the parlours of Boston and New York and quite far away, too, from the fiction of manners, unless we are speaking of very bad manners... The writer Lucia Berlin most puts me in mind of is the late Richard Yates." London Review of Books.

ISBN: 9781447294894
Author: Berlin, Lucia
Publication date: 13/09/2016
Format: Paperback
Pages: 432
Dimension: 197mm X 130mm