This lovely, organic pattern comes from the illustrious carpet-making traditions of the Moldavian people. The earliest known Moldavian carpets can be dated to the late 18th century, though archaeological findings suggest the craft tradition goes back to the 14th- and 15th-century weaving mills of the Moldavian countryside. By mixing ideals of beauty and harmony with folk mysticism and mythology, Moldavian craftspeople elevate everyday carpets to works of spiritual and cultural expression. Over the centuries, these beautiful, handcrafted carpets have been cherished and passed down through generations, keeping this artistic tradition alive even with the advent of modern technology. This particular design comes from a contemporary rug manufacturer, Floare Carpet, who design their floor coverings in the traditional ways. They originally named this carpet pattern Medina, and its intricate pattern and warm colouring makes it feel both exciting and familiar all at once. We hope this magical carpet will help transport your thoughts and imagination to whole new worlds. 128pp  h300mm  x  w210mm  x s20mm