William Morris (1834-1896) was one of the most celebrated practitioners of the Arts and Crafts movement. He embraced the ideal of craftspeople taking pride in their personal handiwork, as opposed to the dehumanizing onslaught of the Industrial Revolution's mass production techniques. He famously said that any decoration is futile when it does not remind you of something beyond itself. Morris specialized in the ancient technique of hand woodblock printing to create his textile patterns and sought inspiration for his famous repeating patterns from the natural world and the decorative artists before him. The influence of "millefleurs" tapestries, early prints of herbs and the abundance of exquisite detail in medieval art can be appreciated in his works, like this Windrush design. His evocations of antique florals and plants have become classics of the decorative arts and were an early inspiration for our journal designs, gracing our covers from the very beginning. 176pp  h230mm  x  w180mm  x s13mm