hilarious, minimalist story about patience the ups and downs of waiting from author-illustrator, Alice Courtley.

Rabbit is waiting for Froggo, quietly and patiently. Mouse is also waiting for Froggo, but not so quietly or patiently ... "What's a Froggo?" Mouse asks. "When will they get here? What do they look like?" Rabbit urges Mouse to wait but as more animals show up to join them, things start to get more busy and chaotic. Just as Rabbit is about to lose his temper, Mouse asks the biggest question: what if Froggo doesn't come?

Inspired by Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, Alice Courtley's Waiting for Froggo is a minimalist story of the ups and downs of waiting with brilliantly expressive characters and charming deadpan humour. Froggo is definitely worth waiting for!

Hardback 32pp  h256mm  x  w280mm  x s10mm  440g 

ISBN13: 9781408364215     ISBN13: 978-1-4083-6421-5     ISBN10: 1408364212     EAN: 9781408364215