A thoughtful and beautifully illustrated story about opening our homes and our hearts to those in need of a warm welcome.

Little Bear lives happily in his cosy cave deep in the woods. He loves picking berries in the day, listening to the birds sing under his favourite tree in the evenings, and curling up comfily on his soft leaves to sleep each night.


But when Bear wakes up one morning to find his beloved forest ablaze, he must make a quick escape, away from his cosy cave, friendly faces and the comforts he knows.


He walks and walks in search of somewhere new to call home, but finds he's not welcome in the places that look most familiar to him.


Feeling hopeless and alone, Little Bear must journey even further into the unknown. And only in the most unfamiliar of places, does the kindness of new animal friends lead Little Bear to discover the true meaning of home . . .

Hardback  (Text (eye-readable))  32pp  h250mm  x  w250mm  x s10mm  380g 

ISBN13: 9781408359716