Packed with boundary-setting phrases and sample dialogue scripts, this book offers easy-to-remember guidance for navigating life's trickier conversations, and encourages readers to communicate kindly and directly on a variety of sensitive topics. If you are looking to learn how to express what you truly feel and ask for what you want in a kind and direct way, this book will help you take control of situations and set boundaries that work for you in your environment. Giving hundreds of examples of boundary phrases and conversation scripts, it's designed to be both easy to read and an accessible reference to pull out again and again when you need boundary-setting guidance. Featuring three boundary phrase frameworks and a multitude of topics for use in each, this book suggests communication strategies for speaking compassionately about- body image sexual orientation race relationships and much more! With her friendly voice and a spark of humor, boundary coach Kami Orange is here to help you navigate life's tricky situations and learn how to stand up for yourself, for others, and to say the thing.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (UK)  296pp  h215mm  x  w141mm  x s20mm  309g 

ISBN13: 9781401978372