What she survived has become legend.

Violet Jessop is Miss Unsinkable.

Violet is a stewardess and wartime nurse who survives a shipwreck on the Olympic and two sinkings on the infamous Titanic and Britannic. No one can understand why she would return to sea, but Violet is simply trying to survive. Her childhood was fraught with illness and death in her family. Her distraught mother is too ill to work, leaving that responsibility to Violet as the oldest, even after disaster strikes on both the Olympic and Titanic where she works as a stewardess. When the world enters the first world war, she becomes a wartime nurse, helping men who could very well be her brothers. Disaster strikes again, this time in the sinking of the Britannic where she serves. Miraculously, Violet survives, but her obligation to her mother and siblings still remains. Meanwhile, Violet always wonders when she can put her tumultuous life at sea behind her and look to her own future.

Daphne has survived calamity of her own.

Daphne Labine grows up as an unwanted child after her mother died in a tragedy. She throws herself into education, collecting languages like candy in a desperate attempt to finally earn her father's approval. When the Special Operations Executive invites her to be an agent in France in World War II, her childhood of anonymity and her love of languages make her the perfect fit. She sees it as an opportunity to help the country she loves and live up to her father's expectations. There, she's met with various challenges and moments of resilience, including an escape route via the sea she wants no parts of. A potential shipwreck and encounter with an unknown woman force Daphne to come to terms with the secrets in her own past.

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