As seen on BBC2's Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy
Food can bind and govern a family and no one knows this more than Hollywood actor and respected foodie, Stanley Tucci. Throughout his childhood, cooking was a familial venture evoking a wealth of memories and traditions.
Featuring family-friendly dishes and stunning photography THE TUCCI TABLE will captivate food lovers' imaginations with recipes from Stanley's traditional Italian roots as well as those of his British wife, Felicity Blunt. Each dish is introduced by Stanley and he offers an insight into why each recipe is so special to his family. Recipes include Pasta Al Forno, Roasted Sea bass, Pan Seared Venison and British classics such as Shepherd's Pie and Sausage Rolls.
THE TUCCI TABLE captures the true joys of family cooking.

Hardback  (Text (eye-readable))  256pp  h234mm  x  w194mm  x s26mm  960g 

ISBN13: 9781399618700