Journaling as meditation: Not just for writers, but for anyone wanting to quiet their mind and connect more deeply to themselves and the world
Unlock your inner creativity: The prompts in these cards are all about the process, not the product, and will get your ideas flowing
Bring ease, structure and clarity to your life: Journal your way to calm and clarity as you connect with your writer within
Do you want to feel connected, inspired, calm, free or creative? Pick a card from the ten categories and follow the journaling exercise to evoke that feeling for the day. Feel inspired by writing a letter to yourself now from yourself in 10 years' time. Set yourself free, by writing a confession to yourself, something you've never admitted to anyone before. Remember, you can tear up the paper afterwards, this is all about the journey, not the destination.
We have 70,000 thoughts spinning through our heads each day: The Writer Within will help slow down and sort through those thoughts, making for clearer, calmer, lighter days ahead.

Cards  h162mm  x  w122mm  x s52mm  380g  10 

ISBN13: 9781399605960