It was supposed to just be a normal basement-some storage boxes, dust, you know, the usual basement stuff. But when Milo is sent by his mother to fetch a sock from the basement of the historic home they've moved into, he finds a door in the back that he's never seen before. Turns out that the basement of his house is enormous. In fact, there is a whole world down there. As Milo travels ever deeper into the Basement World, he meets the many Things that live in the shadows and gloom . . . and he learns that to face his fears he must approach even the strangest creatures with kindnesss. With spare, simple text and lavish art, Hatke weaves a story of a journey deep into an underworld fraught with peril and unexpected revelations that will resonate with-and move-readers of all ages.

Paperback / softback  240pp  h228mm  x  w178mm  x s19mm  620g  full-color illustrations throughout 

ISBN13: 9781250909541