This wonderfully presented hard cover book contains maps, photos (colour and archival), and plans of batterys, smelters, mines and towns at Boonmoo, Carrington, Coolgarra, Denford, Eacham, Gurrumbah, Kaban, Montalbion, Munderra, Newellton, Nymbool, Ord, Orient Camp, Stannary Hills, Sunnymount, Towalla, Watsonville, and twenty one unsurveyed camps.

Rocky Bluffs was the terminus for the spur line from Stannary Hills where the battery for the Stannary Hills area was situated on Walsh River. The battery operated from 1903 to 1925. Built on a bluff, the town had the reputation that no wheeled vehicle, cart, wagon, or buggy, ever got into it or the main street, Rufasell Street.

A hotel and C. Bennett's store existed. The town was lit by electricity from the battery. A postal receiving office existed from 1903 to 1907. In 1905 there were 100 people here. The battery with a 20 head unit with jig, Wifley tables, buddles, a Huntingdon mill, roasting furnace, and Luhrig vanners, commenced operations in February 1903.