Create 10 Beautiful Flora and Fauna Designs - Includes: Quilling Pen, 360 Paper Strips with 16 Colors, Instruction Book

An exquisite paper art kit featuring instructions on basic quilling techniques and the materials to make 10 whimsical flora and fauna designs. With a focus on simple, elegant projects, The Art of Paper Quilling offers a complete technique guide along with step-by-step project instructions for making beautiful decorative pieces and gifts. Including all the materials you need to get started, this kit is perfect for beginners interested in the world of quilling and the experienced quillers looking to develop their technique. The designs are all built upon simple rolled coils of paper that, when grouped together, form intricate flowers, charming woodland creatures, and delicate mushrooms. Quilled designs can be framed or used to embellish greeting cards, books and journals, and gifts of all occasions. This kit includes: 48-page instruction book with step-by-step photos 10 quilling designs, from colorful flowers and mushrooms to adorable forest animals 360 strips of paper in 16 colors Quilling pen.

Kit  48pp  h248mm  x  w184mm  1361g  color photos 

ISBN13: 9780785843405