Embrace your creative dark side with Gothic Coloring. Whether you're fascinated by the macabre or want to dive into the mystery and horror of the gothic aesthetic, start with this spooky coloring book. From gothic architecture to florals and fashion, discover the brooding nature of gothic culture with these delightfully eerie images. Unwind and relax with these coloring pages. Use markers, gel pens, or colored pencils to make these detailed illustrations and gothic patterns your own. Black, purple, and red are often used in the gothic aesthetic but feel free to use any colors you wish. Features: Over 120 haunting coloring pages featuring intricate gothic designs Beautiful line-drawn art that is ideal for colored pencil, marker, or gel pen An intricate meditative pattern to color on the back of each page Put on your black clothes, black nail polish, and dark makeup and begin your gothic coloring journey today! Chartwell Coloring Books is the ultimate coloring book series, encompassing designs of every kind. From intriguing abstract patterns to beautiful pictures from the natural, technological, and fantasy worlds, each of these coloring books will soothe the mind and inspire the inner creative in anyone. With so many variations of complex, beautiful designs in each book, you'll have plenty of pages to bring to life. Whether young or old, creative or not, this series has something for you.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (US)  128pp  h241mm  x  w216mm  454g  125 illustrations to color 

ISBN13: 9780785843191